Your chosen providers will be an integral part of supporting you to achieve your plan goals.  In your search for providers you may come across the terms NDIS registered provider and non-registered provider – what exactly does this mean?

The straightforward answer to this question is that NDIS registered providers are those organisations or individuals approved via the NDIS registration process to provide disability supports whilst non-registered providers are those organisations or individuals who have chosen not to go through the NDIS registration process.

A bit of background on the Registration Process for NDIS providers..

The NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission is the governing body for NDIS registered providers.  For a provider to be registered as an NDIS provider they are required to meet the NDIS Practice Standards and adhere to the NDIS Code of Conduct.

Although non-registered providers are not required to go through the same registration process as NDIS registered providers that does not mean that they do not operate services with the same quality as NDIS registered providers.  Different providers will have different skills and experience in their field of expertise and having access to both types of providers increases your choice over who supports you.

During your planning meeting an important consideration to make is how your NDIS funding will be managed.  Whilst everyone’s needs are different it is important to remember that if you are wanting to access non-registered providers your funding will need to be either plan managed or self-managed.

Is this provider right for me?

Being an NDIS participant means that you have choice and control over who supports you.  Depending on how your funding is managed you may choose to work with either registered or non-registered providers – how will you know if a provider is right for you?  We have compiled a list to help you on your search for the right providers.

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