There is no doubt that negotiating the NDIS can be tricky.  At times it can be difficult to decide if it is appropriate to use your plan funding to purchase a particular support.  We have compiled a list of questions you can ask yourself when you are feeling unsure about a particular support.

  1. Is the support related to my disability?
  2. Will this support assist me to pursue my NDIS plan goals?
  3. Will this support increase my independence?
  4. Will this support increase my participation in social activities and work?
  5. Will this support increase my involvement in my local community?
  6. Can I afford to purchase the support within my approved budget?
  7. Is the support safe?

We have included the below link which will assist you to understand the different types of support the NDIS may fund.

We welcome your questions and are here to support you to understand the different supports approved within the different categories of funding.  Call us today to discuss any questions!

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