Some of your chosen providers may require payment upfront on the day a support is delivered.  In such cases you will be required to pay for the support using your own money, this will result in the need for reimbursement of the funds from your NDIS plan. 

  We have provided a couple of examples where reimbursement may be required:

Reimbursement is simple!  As your plan manager we are able to process the claim on your behalf.  All you need to do is forward a copy of the invoice to us, advising that reimbursement is required.  We will process the invoice on your behalf and forward the funds to your nominated account.  Claims are usually processed by the NDIS within 24-48 hours after which we will forward the funds directly to your bank account. 

Requesting a reimbursement for the first time and have further questions?  Too Easy!  Call us today on 0478 640 370.

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