The role of your Plan Manager is to assist you to understand and manage your NDIS budget.  The funds allocated in your plan are allocated with the intention that they will last the entire duration of your plan.  A Plan Manager’s role is to issue regular reports so that you are able to track the balance of your approved budget.  If an overspend of the budget has been identified your Plan Manager should notify you immediately even if the overspend is identified outside of your regular reporting cycle.

To ensure that your budget spend is on track there are a couple of tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that this budget lasts you the duration of the plan.

  1. When signing a service agreement with a provider, ensure that they provide a costing of the services agreed to showing the categories of funding the support is allocated against.  This costing/quote will assist you to determine if you have adequate funding for the duration of the plan. 
  2. If at anytime you increase your supports, obtain an updated quote for the variation in services to ensure that there is adequate funding to allow for the additional supports.
  3. If your support needs change significantly and the funding is not going to meet your needs for the duration of the plan you can request a change of circumstances review.  We have included the link to the NDIS website in relation to this:
  4. Remember that your plan manager is here to help you manage your budget. If you have any concerns about managing your budget your plan manager will be able to point you in the right direction.

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