For those new to the NDIS or wanting to switch providers you might be discovering that waiting lists are quite common with many providers operating at full capacity.  We know that you are keen to start accessing supports and utilizing the funding in your plan, so we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to assist you with negotiating wait times.

  1. Liaise with your LAC, ECEI Coordinator or Support Coordinator to find the details of local providers.  Your relevant Coordinator should have some idea of providers who are currently accepting new clients.
  2. Put your name on more than one waiting lists as this will increase the likelihood that a support vacancy will become available.  If you are time poor and unable to phone providers, use the contact form section of providers websites detailing the support you require.  From personal experience providers are responsive in following up these forms and placing you on their waiting list.
  3. Talk to friends who are also accessing the scheme as they may have a provider that has capacity to take on new clients.
  4. Consider telehealth appointments with a provider who may not be located in your area.  This could be an interim arrangement until a local provider has availability.
  5. If its therapy support for a child that you are looking for, consider a block of therapy during the school holidays where other clients may be taking a break from therapy.
  6. Follow up with the providers that have placed you on their waiting list. 

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