We know it’s not the most exciting topic, however invoices play a key role in ensuring that supports are paid for in a timely manner.    Whether you are a participant or provider, we have included the key information that should be included on an invoice to allow for prompt processing and payment.

  1. Invoice No. and date.
  2. Supplier ABN.  The NDIA have recently changed the way they process reimbursements.  Plan Managers must have the ABN of your provider for all payments including participant reimbursements.  (Please note that if your provider is exempt from having an ABN under ATO rules, they need to complete the ATO Statement by a supplier form).
  3. Participant’s name & NDIS reference no.
  4. Date the support was provided.
  5. Details of the support type – include the NDIS line item, whilst not mandatory this will assist in ensuring accuracy of records).
  6. Total number of hours the support was provided for including the details of the hourly rate.
  7. Invoice total – including GST.
  8. Payment or bank details where invoices should be paid to.

By ensuring all the above invoice is included on an invoice, it will help us to process and make payment in a timely and efficient manner. 

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